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A warm memory of Nino Zeni is in this Amarone della Valpolicella, expressing the perfect relation from a man to his homeland. Interested to Buy Amarone della Valpolicella ? you are at the ideal place. Only the best grapes only in the best vintages from vineyards always used for the production of Amarone are used for this special wine.

A long raisining, a slow fermentation in wooden vatsand a soft ageing in barrels of different sizes make this wine unique and distinctive. A wine with a balanced softness, intense and charming with fragrances of dried fruit, chocolate, cinnamon and toasted almonds, it is a wine for special moments with an immense ageing potential.


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Dry red wines all have comparable measures of starches – going from around 4 grams to 5.5 grams per 5 ounce serving. The least carbs in red wine

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In reality, the best temperature to store red wine ranges somewhere in the range of 45°F and 65°F. In case you’re making progress toward flawlessness, 55°F is frequently refered to as the appropriate temperature to store red wine.

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Kalimotxo or calimocho (Basque articulation: [ka. … tʃo], Spanish elocution: [ ˈmo. tʃo]) is a beverage comprising of a balance of red wine and cola-based soda pop. The invention traces all the way back to the 1920s in Spain, however was moderately exceptional as Coca-Cola wasn’t made in the country around then.

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What Is Malbec Wine? Malbec wine is known for its profound purple tone and full body. Malbec grapes are little and dull in shading with tough qualities, delivering a wine that has rich fruity flavors and medium tannin levels. Malbec wines are regularly higher in liquor than Merlot or Pinot Noir.